Luxurious and handcrafted fine French leatherwork, Devoucoux saddlery products are designed to meet the needs of all riders and all types of mount, whether competition or leisure.

Devoucoux Custom Saddles are created in Biarritz, France, by Jean Michel Devoucoux. A confirmed event rider, Jean Michel made his very first saddle for himself. Indeed, he couldn’t find anything that would meet his demanding needs on the market; saddles that could provide perfect balance, safety and freedom for both horse and rider.
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Equine Comfort Products is unsurpassed in quality, design and utility. Manufacturing since 1984… we have established our company as the premium supplier to the equestrian customer. Australian Merino Sheepskin Pads and Accessories As always Mother Nature knows best there is no man-made material that can equal the therapeutic benefits of sheepskin. Benefits include: lightweight, breathable shock absorption; total relief from pressure points; complete elimination of chafing sores and rubs; effective heat and moisture management. Equine Comfort Products are designed by active riders and competitors.

winning edge

WINNINGEDGE is a unique and comprehensive supplement manufactured by EquiFeast.

WINNINGEDGE is designed to:

* Improve your horse’s concentration with its unique patent applied for Vcal – Food for the Brain technology

* This maximises training and competition performance

* Help your horse progress through the competitive levels faster

* Other important ingredients keep your horse fitter – reducing downtime and maximising training and competition time

* Helps maintain peak health and helps to fight infections and heal minor injuries

* Improve recovery times

WINNINGEDGE is packed with a range of ingredients that help to support the horse’s joints, skeleton, digestion, soft tissues, immune system, hooves, muscle development and encourage a more trainable, relaxed temperament.

Essentially, WINNINGEDGE is the equivalent of a feed balancer and twelve other supplements chosen specifically for the competition horse.

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Joe is sponsored by Tri-Zone® Boots, designed and developed by Equilibrium Products.

Built around a core principle of zoned protection Tri-Zone® Boots offer unrivalled protection, genuine impact absorption, as well as the ability to channel heat and sweat away from the skin, minimising the heating effect of boots upon vulnerable tendons.

During the design process, all Tri-Zone® boots are tested for Protection, Heat Reduction, Flexibility and Weight.

The Tri-Zone range comprises brushing, allsports, cross country, tendon, vented tendon, fetlock and over reach boots- all made to Equilibrium’s exacting standards and Tri-Zone’s ethos of ‘Intelligent, Targeted Protection’ – visit www.trizoneboots.com

Equilibrium Products is passionately dedicated to improving equine welfare by providing innovative, effective solutions to help horse owners solve common problems. This includes: leg protection; fly protection; sun protection; head shaking; magnetic and massage therapy systems – visit www.equilibriumproducts.com

ICEBREAKER I Launched in 1994, Icebreaker was the first company in the world to develop a    merino fibre layering system for the outdoors. It was also the first outdoor apparel company in the world to source merino directly from growers, a system it began in 1997. There are now 20-25 distinct pure merino fabrics in the Icebreaker system, covering underwear, mid layer, and outerwear.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Icebreaker uses only pure merino hand-picked from 120 high country stations in the country’s Southern Alps to create edgy outdoor clothing that combines nature’s work with human technology and design. The company is committed to sustainability, ethical manufacturing and animal welfare. In 2008 the company launched “Icebreaker Baacode,” a pioneering supply chain transparency and traceability program. Each Icebreaker includes a unique Baacode, which enables customers to trace the garment online from rearing the sheep through to each stage of the supply chain process.

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Mathieson & Brooke Tailors Ltd are quickly becoming recognised as one of the leading contemporary tailors in the UK. M&BT’s founder David Brooke explains why they are different “M&BT don’t just sell suits” David explains. “We develop personal brand identities and ultimately make people more confident and successful”. People underestimate the impact that personal image can have on self esteem as well as how it can positively influence the way other people perceive them. Feeling more confident benefits our clients in both business and sport with many of our clients coming from the Olympic, golfing and equestrian arenas”. People have described David’s business as a combination of Psychology and Fashion which is understandable when they learn that David is a Psychology graduate with a passion for body language. To find out more contact David at www.mandbt.co.uk

Airowear is one of the UK’s leading equestrian body protector manufacturers and it’s not hard to see why.

The company started trading over 20 years ago and during this time has become renowned for the quality of its body protectors. Despite being well established, Airowear moves with the times and a lot of care, attention and research goes in to the products it produces.  The Outlyne for Men is an excellent example of this.

The Outlyne for Men is gender specific and works with the male form.  It is generously cut across the chest and shoulders to fit a masculine body shape, but still benefits from adjustable chest, waist and shoulders, and Ultraflex technology that allows the body protector to mould to the rider’s shape for additional comfort.

Joe wears the Outlyne for Men and is proud to be associated with Airowear.

gatehouseOur expertise has been at the forefront of development over the years, producing riding headwear that is non-bulky, lightweight, comfortable and competitively priced. We have pioneered some major changes in headwear safety in recent years and are proud to be recognised by the BSI for consistency and high levels of test results. The extensive range means there will be a hat which will suit your needs whether you are having fun or competing at the highest level.

MWMacWet Gloves are becoming the most popular sporting glove globally as sport enthusiasts discover the benefits of the unique fabrics the gloves are manufactured with giving 100% grip in wet conditions. The benefits of the gloves are obvious with the skin tight fit giving full dexterity and sensitivity in the lightweight fabrics so the wearer doesn’t feel as if they are wearing gloves.

Optimum Time

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Headliner ® Headliner – disposable sweatbands that fit into your hat to soak up excess moisture. (click logo)…